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Introducing Google Web Stories – Digital Capsule

Google launches "Story" feature across Google Search, Image Search and Discover

and we're among the firsts to try it out

From Google’s developer guide, Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular “Stories” format that blend video, audio, images, animation and text to create a dynamic consumption experience. This visual format lets you explore content at your own pace by tapping through it, or swiping from one piece of content to the next.

In 2018, Google introduced AMP Stories, based on technology developed for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project. The Stories, which are already integrated into mobile Google Search, are meant to give Google its own alternative to the Stories offering found in other apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. But, in Google’s case, Stories are focused on publisher content.

Carousel on Google Discover: Web Stories can appear on Google Discover on Android and iOS via the latest Google app in the form of a carousel near the top of the feed. The carousel is available in the United States, India, and Brazil. The example Web Stories carousel is geared towards lifestyle content. Some examples of other carousel categories are: Beauty, Fitness, Celebrities, Wellness, Entertainment, and Opinion.

Single card on Google Discover: Web Stories can also appear as a single card that’s part of the Discover feed. This appearance is available in English in the US.

Grid view on Google Search: Web Stories can be included in a grid view on Google Search. When people search for “things to do in New York”, the grid view shows Web Stories from multiple publishers. When people search for a specific publisher, the grid view shows only Web Stories from that publisher’s site. The grid view appearance is available in English in the US.

Single result on Google Search: Web Stories can display as a single result on Google Search. This appearance is available in all regions and languages where Google Search is available.

Google Images: Web Stories can appear in Google Images as an image card with the Web Stories icon. This appearance is available in all regions and languages where Google Search is available.

So what can Web Story do for your online presence?

It has been proved that internet surfing on mobile devices has been increased significantly, no surprise more businesses now target mobile user rather than desktop users. Terms like “Mobile First” techniques came into the market due to the fact that the majority of us usually spend more time on the internet using our smartphones.

The user behavior on handy devices requires more efficient way to represent your product/service. You must get the user attention or you will be just scrolled by. Publishing your content online needs more attention than before. We believe “Web Stories” are meant to be used to grab user attention, giving the user bits and pieces that makes the user more interested before digging deeper into your website.

Not only that, but if your online content is “Web Story” ready, you get more chances for your content to be visually seen and exist in more channels like Google Discover.

In general Web Stories can do more to your business as each story is actually a URL, that means you can embed stories from different publisher into your website or mobile app. you can do affiliate marketing, you can make QR code out of this URL to distribute your content without having to worry about how your website behaves on smartphones.


Check our very first trials with Google Web Stories, see how it looks like and what are the possibilities there for your business.

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